Steps to Apply

To apply to Grizzly Youth Academy, you must complete the entire process described below.

Please read this page carefully so you understand the procedure. You may want to print this page out and make notes on it to keep track of your progress.

Step 1: Schedule a Tour

Schedule a tour here. After scheduling a tour, fill out the application interest form at the end of the tour schedule form or from the link in your email (make sure to click on Become a Cadet).

It is mandatory that everyone attend a tour in order to be accepted. This also greatly increases your chance of success at the academy! You must SCHEDULE A TOUR in advance.

At the conclusion of the tour, prospective students will have an interview with one of our staff members.

Step 2: Complete Application

Complete the full application that will be sent to your email. Follow all instructions to fill it out completely–incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Grizzly Youth Academy recommends completing the online student and mentor application before the tour. If either application is not completed, Grizzly Youth Academy still wants you to attend your scheduled tour.



Grizzly Youth Academy is a great choice for most at-risk students. However, not everyone is suited for this very physically demanding program.

We do our best to look at every individual and their needs as we are making our selections.