Tips for Success

Adjusting to life at Grizzly Academy can be challenging, at first. But being prepared helps. Here are tips for students and their families to ease the transition and prepare for success.

A group of students at the beach, one student giving a thumbs up to the camera.


This is a real feeling that can affect more than one-third of all people who experience a new and distance environment. Learn how to help yourself or your child through this with information from the library or on the internet.

Culture shock

There will be no cell phones, computers (except for those at school computer labs) or video games. Experiment with yourself or your child by going a day or two at a time without these luxuries.

Sleep habits

Cadets get up early, EVERY MORNING. Get yourself up or have your child get up at 5:30AM 2-3 mornings each week for a couple of weeks prior to Intake Day.


Many children (especially teens) live a life of inactivity. Prior to registration, motivate yourself or encourage your child to begin getting into condition by running and doing push-ups daily.


Convenience food is not offered at Grizzly Youth Academy. Start offering home cooked meals, sitting down together for meals, and discouraging eating out at fast-food restaurants.

For Parents

The first few weeks can be very difficult for candidates/cadets due to all of these changes. Numerous excuses are offered to QUIT our program that stand on very weak grounds. It is important for parents, family members, and mentors to stand firm and encourage your kids to endure all of the changes and accept the ChalleNGe that they signed up to complete. Remember, 22 weeks is a very short time compared to a total lifetime.

For Cadets

This is an opportunity to re-invent yourself by leaving your past behind you. Protect your past by not bragging about all the trouble you have gotten into in the past.

To keep your frustration level at a minimum:

  • Be ready to put up with other people’s “stuff.”

It’s simple really… listen and follow directions.