Program Overview

Program Overview

Grizzly Youth Academy is structured as a leadership academy providing structure and support 24/7 for youth who previously struggled in school due to academic and social problems. Working as individuals and in groups, cadets develop skills and habits to overcome obstacles that have held them back in the past, and learn to succeed.

In addition to academics, Grizzly Academy takes a deeper holistic approach focusing on the whole person. Our aim and philosophy is to produce well-rounded, competent graduates who successfully and immediately transition into the workforce, higher education, vocational schools, or enlist in the military.

Grizzly Youth Academy is designed for students with a history of school failure who are ready to learn and change. Students who struggle in school often lack the social and emotional skills to succeed academically and in the workplace. We provide these students with the skills they need to change course and succeed in school, work, and their relationships.

To address these needs we create personal growth opportunities that are important for work, school, and social life. By design, we challenge our cadets so they learn to apply themselves, persevere, and succeed. We build their leadership skills and physical fitness, provide opportunities for them to serve others, instill self-discipline and motivation, and develop their self-confidence and interpersonal skills.

With a new sense of pride in their work and pride in themselves, our cadets develop a set of attainable goals for education and work. Through partnerships with parents and mentors, our cadets are further supported to apply the skills they learn at Grizzly to their school life, work life, and social life.

Disclaimer: While students receive training under our Youth Challenge Program, Grizzly Youth Academy, they are neither Federal employees nor members of the National Guard except under certain provisions of the law.