“Grizzly Youth Academy is about changing your life for the better. In my eyes, all my heroes work at Grizzly Youth Academy.”– Samantha Garcia

“A great place, I’ve seen my son Eric Burns do a total 360 there. His grades went from d’s, f’s to A’s, B, C’s. I tried to hold back the tears on family day but it was to hard, My son is turning into a great man before my eye’s and im very proud of him. I was skeptical about this at first but they done a get job there, the staff are very friendly and professional. They take good care of all are children, I give this place a 10. Thanks Grizzly Staff.”– Frank Garcia

I know it sounds cliche but Grizzly changed my life so much!!! It taught me so many things about myself that I never would have been able to achieve or overcome without the help of this amazing school. I honestly can’t put into words how amazing this place is. So, if your considering going here DO IT because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that you wont regret.” – Kassandra Fox

“Grizzly Youth Academy is like a second family I never had. They have taught me many positive things I can do in my life and growth with in myself I learned and earned to be a cadet. I miss the staff, the food, and the morning work outs. I would not have made it far with out my staff and the motivation in myself Grizzly Youth Academy is the best experience of my life.” – Elizabeth Luna

“Grizzly Youth Academy provided knowledge useful for the real world. It was a great 22 weeks and what I learned I will use everyday. Grizzly Youth Academy was one of my biggest achievements. I recommend it to everyone that was in my spot.” – Gilberto Soltero